edens semilla

Homemade Easy Peppermint and Rosemary Shampoo

Who wouldn’t have thought you can make shampoo at home? This all-natural shampoo will do wonders for your skin. It features essential oils which are great for nourishing, cleansing and strengthening your hair follicles.

Disclaimer: If you have high blood pressure or you’re pregnant, avoid using rosemary essential oil and go for lemon or lavender one instead.

What You’ll Need:

Make the homemade shampoo by combing the castile soap in a container (preferably something with a flip top for easy use) and add both the essential oils in it. Mix and then add the water. Combine and it’s ready!

To use, squeeze a few squirts onto your hair and shampoo + rinse as usual. You need to try out this amazing recipe right now, it’ll leave your hair smelling extra good.



edens semilla

How to Make Your Own Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Do you droll over those store-bought body scrubs that smell so good? What if you could make them at home with natural products? That’s surely a great idea!

This brown sugar scrub is really nourishing to the skin and is super luxurious. Oh, and the best part? It’s super easy! You can make it in only 2 minutes and all the ingredients are usually available in your kitchen.

What You’ll Need:

Mix the cinnamon and brown sugar together in a small bowl. Add all the remaining ingredients and stir everything together with a spoon. Transfer to an airtight container and that’s it!

When you’re in the shower, just rub this scrub all over your body and you’ll see that it leaves the skin soft and gets rid of all the dead skin. Plus, you’ll smell super good!

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